Location of Septic Tank

Blazer Septic Services in Tehachapi CA has reported a system failure due to the following reason:
“Septic tank is 22” too close to structure."

I’d like to advise you everything else was fine! My report failed because of location only. The tank is more than 5’ from home foundation, but less that 5’ from the patio slab. I immediately contacted City Hall and spoke with my Building Official. I was assured the home was built in 1987 and the contract to build was signed by a city official. Those documents were shared with me. The official stated “your home is grandfathered in.”

However, Blazer Septic refuses to make amends without written notice from the city. While I have requested a letter from the official, I am not jeopardized with the buyers of my home pulling out of the contract due to this “failed” report. I have to wait until Monday when the official is back in his office to respond!

Do septic companies have legal rights to do this? I was told they cannot. The Building Department of CA even stated each city has jurisdiction.

In Missouri, septic inspectors have to inspect to state and local standards. Which ever standard is more strigent, the inspector has to inspect to. There is a county in my state that tried to grandfather-in older sewer systems, but their hands got slapped by the state.