WH age assistance needed please...

Any assistance would be appreciated…

**Day and Night Company **
Division of Carrier Corporation.

JetGlas Jupiter

Model# 40-JL-1
"Registration"# ACAAA 24696

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Hope it helps


40 years old :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I had Day & Night recently. Wasn’t able to find SN date code, but was able to determine it was between 35-40 years old.

Thanks for the info Carl.

I have been finding zero info about D&N or Carrier from back in the day. The 5 “letters” in the beginning of the “Reg#” also is throwing me a loop.

The style and color of the WH is of the late 60’s to mid/late 70’s era. If only two letters were utilized, it would date at 1964, (too early), or 1984 (too late, IMO).

Exactly my thought also. Thanks.

No problem, might even be older. The one I had still worked like a charm, tank was in great shape. Not too energy efficient, but other than that…

When they are obviously past life expectancy see no reason to get an exact date myself.

So you do not ever go “above and beyond” for your clients, even if it isn’t “necessary”? How difficult is it to perform a little research and ask a question on the MB while I prepare the report? Just ANOTHER reason I do not write reports in the field. My clients appreciate all the effort I take for them, not just at the inspection. Under ‘Promise’, over ‘Deliver’!

But you already knew that, didn’t you?!