"Log Home" Inspection completed.

I had an inspection request for a Log home. The homeowner was specificly looking for someone that was expreienced in this field, and apparently I was about the 8th inspector he had contacted.

Trouble is, He was about 2.5 hours away from me.

I told him I could do it, but there is no reason to pay me gas money + my fee for an inspection that far away. Trying to “unsell” myself, I landed myself the job. ( I have about an 80% phonecall/job conversion rate) It seems that other inspectors were not interested in a log home. Having a friend in the area that I wanted to see, I made it a dual purpose trip, and took the job.

Shortly after arrival on the inspection site, I noticed that the insde of the garage wall was studded, with the outside being “log”. The rest of the house had log inside and out. Puzzled, I ended up finding a loose window sill and discovered the house only had Log Siding! Inside and out.

The buyer was at first dissapointed, then I said "hey this is far easier to maintain, and this means you most likely have actual insulation while still having a ‘Log Home’ " (I found some signs of cellulose). If it fooled him, the listing agent, and his realtor, it was good enough to fool most people.

I wonder how many inspectors it ‘fooled’ also?

Good job, Mike!