Log Home Inspections

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Not an inspection anyone should even think of doing unless they have some sort of training. Too many issues and too much can go wrong if you only think you know what your doing.

JMHO it’s your a$$

That phone # does not work for me??


According to what I was told by Nick that link is from the
“Citizen Information Center” and not intended as a guidline for HI.


Where did I say this link was a guideline for inspectors?

If your looking for guidelines, this site may assist you in your future inspections of log homes.

Me… personally. I wouldn’t inspect a log home until I received some sort of education or certification from a log home association.

I’ve never seen a log home here in Massachusetts…yet.

I have inspected many log homes, both old and new. I am currently involved with a century plus log home that has been dismantled and is going to be reassembled.

What is so different about inspecting a log home than anyother home if you are familiar with construction techniques both old and new.

Would you turn down a mobile home inspection because you are not familiar with them?

My First Officer, Mr. Spock, has taught me that logic can play a significant role in inspecting something with which one is not familiar. So I had no problem inspecting my first log home several years ago, as well as my first adobe home. I don’t think there is anything different from the normal inspections that we do, but I did include some disclaimers about the logs and the adobe.

I also hear regularly from my log home guy and from my adobe home gal since they both are Realtors who refer my company regularly. They are quite happy in their non-standard, non-stupid-stucco, non-San Diego homes.

This is a log home I did two weeks ago. It was built with BC Fir and had a board and batten addition.


I was at the South Western Ontario Chapter meeting yesterday, and there was a Log Home Inspector There, and I realized, I need additional training on inspecting Log Homes, so, I have to say, I would not even attempt to inspect these unless I am certified to do so.

Did you find out where to go to get certified for inspecting log homes? I would be interested in reading about their certification process, requirements, etc. Thanks.

Here’s more info regarding log home inspections…

Hello all,

David, Didn’t mean you were saying it was a guideline just didn’t want others to think it was. Agree with you completely! I.L.B.A. standards are good to know, and the last link you put up was also very good information.

Raymond, if you are comfortable doing log home inspections,thats good. My point is that there are more issues associated with log homes than the average home inspector knows. No two homes are alike and there are more construction techniques for these homes than one realizes. As well as being familiars with log construction, some knowledge of timber frame is also essential as it is not uncommon to see the two combined. Beautiful home in that link by the way.

Russell, love you posts! We need Mr. Spock to spread more logic. As far as the basics there really isn’t anything different to inspect these homes. Some minor plumbing, hvac, and electrical issues. Structure can be the big problem if you are not familiar with all of the different styles and techniques used.

I am the log home inspector who spoke at the Florida Convention as well as the S.W. Ontario chapter meeting yesterday. I will also be speaking about log home inspection at the Olympic Peninsula chapter meeting in Washington on April 15. I have written an in depth course on inspecting log homes which is being offered to nachi members through C.A.T.S. This certification course will be held in Ontario, New York, and other areas in the near future.

I have over 30 years of experience with all types of log structure as a builder, restorer, and repair specialist.

Sorry for the long post, log building is my passion!


In my exeperience it has been the old log homes with the problems, because they did not have the luxury of newer construction techniques we have today.

You can come and build me a log home like the one in the link. I fell in love with it. I have always wanted a log home. The home in the link was built just a year ago by an American home builder who has chosen to return to the states.


That has generally been my experience as well, but as you know there is good and bad in everything, new and old. Sometimes older is better sometimes not. Some log home kits use inferior logs in the milling process which lead to many problems later.

I will be teaching a class this week in Bowmanville and as part of the class we will start building a small home/cabin at the “Nachi House of Horrors” site in Bowmanville.

Let me know when your ready to start building.