lol...Anyone want to buy a Kennel..?

Hey Guys,

I am selling one of my business ventures and it is on the market now.....if you are looking to move to Virginia and would like to get into the Dog Boarding Business...........for only $ 379,900 it can be yours....:)

1.) Nearly 1 acre of land
2.) 2,400+ sq. ft facility
3.) GREAT ELECTRICAL ( I wired it…lol )
4.) Boards 34 Dogs ( 45-60 if multiple family pets )
5.) Full grooming room & bathing room
6.) Corner Lot - High Traffic Location

Why am I selling it…quite frankly my wife runs it and I am always out of town and she works it nearly 7 days a week…she wants to travel with me so…WHAMO…gotta let it go.

I run my electrical company out of another location so this is more or less my mailing office and so on…it’s gotta go…:wink:


When your wife said she “wanted to get rid of this dog”, are you sure she was talking about the kennel?

lol…good question…I will ask the MAN giving her dancing lessons every night…NOT

I have a partner named Mike. V whom said he would be interested as soon as he wraps up a few legal problems.
Are Rape stands included or xtra?

We call that guy Sancho here, he cleans a lot of pools.:wink:

Good luck with the sale Paul. :slight_smile:

I heard that Michael Vick might be looking for a new profession in about 6 years. :shock:


I think you misunderstood your wife, you can’t get out of the dog house by merely selling the kennel :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:



Wouldn’t this be an appropriate time for a “Mallory & her implants” joke? But, dang it, my mind went blank!:slight_smile:

lol…I dont think Mr. Vick will be doing anything very soon…except training the roaches on the floor of his cell…if we are LUCKY !

WHAT…lol…not hardly…

The professional boarding kennel own is the biggest and best in the area, we stay full and it is upscale. The reason I am selling is because I just am too busy and my wife and me spend no time together due to my traveling and her working the kennel…after doing that for 18 years as well…it is time to sell and move on for her to work more with me in my speaking and electrical business.



lol…ok…I know someone out their wants to move to good ole’ Virginia and take over this facility…come on…would make a NICE inspections office as well…:wink:


What an ideal home for all the retired canine NACHI members that Mallory referred to in her depo!