Look at my shirt

I found this pic of me on Facebook

Wow, it looks like that inspection went bad fast! :shock:

The client didn’t want to pay…

I took some people to the range and they snapped this image and posted it.


That’s an InterNACHI shirt that says on the back:
“It’s an InterNACHI thing, you wouldn’t understand”


Is that an XXL?

John you need a NACHI tactical shirt to really set the example:p

Stop playing with toy pistols get a real caliber min 9ml preferably .40cal or .45
I used to use a 357 magnum loaded with full wad cutters for falling plate and a Colt Combat Commander 45acp for combat shooting exercises.

John that is one way to get the contract signed

I shoot(and carry) Glock 26/34. That was the BUG.

Like the shirt says…

The Judge is the only way to go IMHO.

Tough to carry all day though and about as much fun to shoot as the Kel-tec .380 shown in the picture.

I prefer the Berreta M9, but I also have an Israeli 1911 copy. 9mm and 45, respectivly. They shoot real good.