Tactical Inspection Shirts.


These shirts are made by 511 Tactical which sells them for over $50 each without embroidery.

That’s a great price.

I have four of these and they are super.

What is the charge for additional logo’s?

Only available in 2XL? I could use one as a bathrobe :smiley:

You will grow into it lol

Yep, you sure have. Ha ha ha :stuck_out_tongue:

Bite me you skinny little nipper

Yeah I always wear mine open with a tee shirt like it is a coat as it is way to large.
Sure makes people think you are a cop though.

“Patented hidden document pockets”

Sheesh, all these years, I never knew it was for that! ;-):shock::cool:

Only if it has CHI in large leters on the back

Rollllllll another one… just like the other one…:mrgreen:

If ya only wear them on inspections they should last ya a life time;-):wink:

Not a bad looking shirt. I just bought a fly fishing vest at Dicks sporting goods store for $20. Has a bunch of pockets. No more taking little pest home with me from the inspection.

Naah, they are too nice for that :wink:

I have NACHI T’s for inspections.

Greensboro special polo"s with my logo all the way.:slight_smile:

Nice shirts, for large men! Smaller sizes and for women would be nice, you know, fitted, so it doesn’t look like a man’s shirt. I’m not a large person, I probably take less than half that fabric, it would be a good deal for you to sell them to me for $20! LOL.

Not quite, Steve-
You’d get lead poisoning from what I carry . . :cool:

Way ta go, Mark!
You’ll remember I always was the oddball wearing CCW vests at conventions & out your way, years ago . .
I switched over to fly fishing vests a couple years ago, best move ever!

Shirts look nice, but black in FL is no good and long sleeves are no good.