Look Ma, No Fuses!!

Here’s a panel from two days ago. :shock:


100_8397 (Medium) (Small).JPG

I bet it was feeding this

Light Fixture.jpg

Mark, what was the switch for? Maybe there was overcurrent protection upstream?

The switch is the main, then they had conduit running to a shed and conduit going to the sub panel in the house.

That looks like what i have seen a lot of in certain areas out here. Open up a meter box remove the meter and jump the to feeds and wow now you dont have much of a bill. I have seen guys even run a connection to the meter they disconnected and create a small current so ComEd doesn’t get wise. the amazing thing is I have known guys that install those with the line hot and minimal gloves.

That’s what the wasp nest are for. If they get to hot they’ll zap it. :stuck_out_tongue: