This house was in need to have the entire system replaced.

I thought I would share some photos.

First ones are some of the branch wiring. Second ones are the mains & subs.

Im had to laugh when I saw the night light of Mary at the kitchen counter. This is probably why the house hadnt burned down yet. The exterior porcelien fixture buried in the metal siding was sweet!

An open grounded receptacle built into the window frame?

The round receptacle was the bathrooms only outlet.

Live wires all over the place.

Push matic mains, Live wires all around, knob & tube, rust, moisture.

The home is 127 years old.

Enjoy the photos. I did.

89207 030 (Small).jpg

89207 037 (Small).jpg

89207 025 (Small).jpg

89207 023 (Small).jpg

89207 027 (Small).jpg

This was a 2 for one special. I made sure I had on my protective gear.

Do you think the SEC sheathing is worn? Nothing like a little rust.

How many wires can we jam into a sub panel.

Q. I do have a question. The meter base & SEC appeared to be 100 amp aluminum. I couldnt find any info on the pushmatic mains or breaker to evaluate the breaker amps. Where does push matic indicate there panel rating & breaker amperage.


89207 044 (Small).jpg

89207 061 (Small).jpg

89207 006 (Small).jpg

89207 052 (Small).jpg

89207 060 (Small).jpg


An upgrade is imminent.

The amp rating on a pushmatic is always on the side of the pushmatic itself. Wire size appears to be 100 amps per.

“click to enlarge”

Dave, Who lived there? Probably an elderly couple that didn’t have too many “modern convienences” and made out ok all these years with those antique receptacles. Look out when the modern crowd moves in with 3 kids! better install smoke alarms