Lookin GOOD

Good Morning,
Here in NJ we have about 2 months of real summer. You guys have approx. 8 months of real summer. I wear Tactical pants ( I can fit 35 pounds of tools in them before I start showing my boxers:shock :shock:, but I am thinking that, with the heat that you folks have, it would be brutal in the attics dressed in pants. What do you folks wear for inspections to look professional AND be comfortable?

The heat is brutal yes, I wear blue jeans year round. What would be worse would be sweating wearing shorts and having fiberglass all over your legs. Besides don’t need 35 lbs of tools in the attic.

Have you considered doing your attic inspections in the nude?
It works for me.

Pressed jeans, company polo shirt.
Sometimes a blue Inachi T-shirt.
I’m used to it & feel protected from errant nails, etc. in attics.
I think shorts is an unprofessional image.

Cold snap down here, the high will only be 78 today.

Drytek pants and shirt. Work boots.
Usually, even after spending 45 minutes in a 120 degree attic, by the time I get home, I am dry. In the summer, I bring an extra shirt, sometimes pants.

Lightweight 5.11 tactical pants for every job. I also have them in shorts, which are fine as long as there is no crawling.

I wear shorts , polo shirt, and water proof merrell hiking boots.

Not that any of you really care, but because we are governed by the DBPR home inspectors, at least in Florida, are considered contractors and therefore fall under OSHA rules and I don’t think they allow shorts to be worn on site.

Rip-stop nylon wrangler cargo pants or rip-stop nylon carhart scrubs. The only time I wear shorts is if it is a condo (no attic) and I know there will be no one else there.

I always wear cargo pants, and I just tell my assistant to dress comfortable, as long as she has somewhere to put her tools!


:|.):|.):lol: you freaking hillbillies!!! King of the Cheetah! LOL

Hmm. We always wear shorts, polo, and hiking shoes. Pants are on the below 55 days We are told how professional we are all the time.

Dockers shorts and polo shirts. Looks professional in the Florida heat and my clients say so. I always tuck my shirts in and wear a belt with nike shoes.
Insulation bothers my arms more than my legs. Have knee pads for attic crawling

DB I like the way you think. Exactly what I wear and love the super light weight Merrells’s. We live in Florida and shorts are common wear most of the time unless its cool out like this morning 52 degrees it will be long pants and a sweatshirt ! For attics I add knee pads, Crawls add: gloves,coveralls, knee and elbow pads.

Great info!! Thanks!! It is a whole different world, there. 8 degrees this morning!! Frost on the roofs.

Where is Florida are you moving to?

I am moving to Weeki Wachee which is next to Spring Hill and about an hour north of Tampa.i’m on the home for about four years, renovating it during my vacation. My wife has
been there for seven months and it’s time to go join her.

John, you inspired me to look into the tactical shorts and I bought about a dozen pair. We will try them through the really hot months. Thank you for your input! Dockers sound like a great idea as well!

Let me know if you need anything, insurance inspections can be troublesome.

Make sure to attend the Orlando Conference(March 13-17th) Dennis is teaching the wind mitigation class and I will be teaching Four points