Looking for 80-hrs Field Training in Asheville, NC

Hi everyone,

My name is Anthony, and I am reaching out to see if anyone has some insight on options for completing the 80-hrs of field training in or around Asheville, NC?

I am currently in the process of completing the 120-hrs of online course work through InterNACHI, and am trying to find a reasonable option for the field work once I’m done. Asheville, NC has a booming housing market and is full of realtors and home inspectors. However, despite the market and demand I am struggling to find a company or certified individual that is within a reasonable distance from me, and for a reasonable price. From what I can tell, options like ICA and AHIT offer field training programs, but are roughly $2,000 for just the 80-hrs, and are far from Asheville. It would be pretty challenging for me to pay that price and the cost of housing for 2 weeks during training, but obviously if it comes to it I will. I searched on the NC state board database as well and called some people from there, but most were either retired or not interested. Instead, I’m now wondering if anyone knows of someone in or around the Asheville, NC area that is a certified field trainer and would be willing to train me? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Anthony Squitieri

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So you are unwilling to pay $25/hr for proper training?
What quality of training do you think you will get for, let’s say, $10/hr??

Curious… what do you intend to charge for a Home Inspection?
How do you justify your fee?

@kbrittain is located in NC and has a school. You may want to reach out. He is in Charlotte


Also, be sure to call or email every one of these “Home Inspectors Ashville NC”

Hi thanks for the response, but I’m not really sure how to answer you questions.

I’m not trying to insult or undervalue any one, or any program. I am very new to this process, and am just trying to learn about all my options, and thought this could be a good place. Money is less of the concern, and it’s more about travel and taking off two weeks of work and having to pay for housing on top of course cost. If there was something closer to me that would be awesome, but as I mentioned about the further away programs, “obviously if it comes to it I will.” If you have any insight, it’s welcomed. Thank you

You are 2 hours from Charlotte, but a few satellite towns are closer. Hit them all up.

In a former life, I had a business with locations in Hickory, Spartanburg and Charlotte. I called it the devil’s triangle. I drove this triangle daily on many occasions. It can be done.


Hey there,

Thanks so much for the thorough advice and recommendations!

I coincidentally just got off the phone with Ken from Charlotte this morning, and he was very kind and helpful! Unfortunately, he said the nature of his training program is very spontaneous and unpredictable, and therefore he wouldn’t recommend it to someone who has to drive 2 hrs on random weekends. I told him I would still be willing, but he said it is really better suited for individuals who are Charlotte locals and capable of short notice.

In regards to reaching out to local companies in Asheville, I think that’s a great next step, and will make that my focus.

Thanks again for your help!

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One more resource

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HI again,

I did look into this as well and will definitely reach out to some of the individuals in my area.

Thanks again!


I’ve spoken with Anthony twice on this topic once about 6 months ago and again today. Unfortunately, there are no home inspectors in the Ashville are that are actively providing field training at large. The mentoring program is great but they need to be approved by the NC Board as a field trainer for it to count as credit. I did on our first conversation direct Anthony to the list of approved trainers and based on our subsequent conversation he called the majority of them and I assume without finding what he’s looking for, something that’s close and inexpensive.

Most of my training is one-on-one and I take the students on our inspections so as Anthony mentioned the scheduling is somewhat random and sometimes short notice as not all homes are suitable for training use. Usually we’re limited to 2 training inspections a day so a minimum of 5 day and in reality it usually takes a couple of weeks. Certainly do able but would require multiple trips and expense on his part.

I mentioned that starting in Mid February I’m offering a weekend option that would me held on Saturday and Sunday for 5 weekends to meet the 80 hour requirement. This would require travel and over night accommodation for at least 5 days which is less than most commercial training options like AHIT or ICA as they do field training 5 days a week for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately we do have to charge for this service as it takes time and there are expenses. Our cost for the weekend training option is priced at $1499 and the one-on-one is slightly higher. Unless you’re going to work for someone and agree to that in advance you’re not going to find free training

The best I could do is direct Anthony to a fellow inspector who has a franchise operation, was the closest to Ashville and will train inspectors who are willing to work for him.


Seems reasonable. He’ll get there and the cost of admission is pennies compared to many other professions that pay less.

Yep, the weekend option was created for those who can’t take time off during the week. We’re also offering a payment option through PayPal and class size is limited to 10 students. https://trainwithcasa.com/field-training/


HI Ken,

Thanks for the quick response, and sorry for the delay on my end. After I spoke with you the other week I made a post on the InterNACHI forum asking if there were any interested inspectors for field training in my area. Your name came up again, and I responded to it, but it looks like you got roped back into the conversation!

Again, I really appreciate all your help and insight over the past momnths—it has been very helpful. I will probably just wind up going through Gregory for everything at this point.

Thank you!