Looking for a good Home Inspection Lawyer, in Virginia.

Looking for a good Home Inspection Lawyer, in Virginia.

Fellow InterNACHI members,

I am asking for a referral to a lawyer representing Home Inspectors, in Virginia. Can you give any advice on retaining a good lawyer? Some of you already know that I am just now starting to make money, after 15 years of unforeseen circumstances. I want to follow in your foot-steps, and 1 day be as good as each of you. A goal of mine is to become a CMI, in the next few years.

In my area of Virginia, there is a real demand for Inspectors - Residential and Commercial. I know that I will have plenty of work as a [FONT=Verdana]Full Time Home Inspector. I am asking for any way of keeping me out of court. Arbitration services for the Home Inspector, Legal Services for the Home Inspector, Etc.[/FONT]

I use InterNACHI’s Inspection Agreements, Code of Ethics (InterNACHI), and follow InterNACHI’S Standards of Practice. I just learned from 1 of our courses to: use the past tense when writing my reports. I am obtaining a new E&O / GL Insurance policy to protect me even more. I also am restructuring my company from Inc. to LLC. New name, new Logo, etc.

I realize that some people will think that I am from the indian tribe: SO Sue ME. There will be those that will in fact take me to court and sue me. I read every day almost about hard working, honest inspectors, who are trying to make a decent living; being taken to court. My heart goes out to every Home Inspector, regardless of the organization that they belong too.

I am InterNACHI through and through. Regardless of ASHI, NAHI, and all of the others, when 1 of our inspectors gets taken to court, especially if we lose the case; it is a reflection on the entire Home Inspection Industry. Not on my watch. I am not going to let all of my years in this industry be laughed at. I believe if it’s possible to have home inspection in your DNA, then my DNA - is made up of it.

I would go to the end of the world and back for my wife and kids. They are my family, just like I consider each and every one of you. So … can a few of you please give me some advice on helping to protect one of your own? Can one of you point me in the right direction, with legal and arbitration services, for a Home Inspector in Virginia, please? Best of luck with your [FONT=Verdana]business.[/FONT]


Up until he passed away, in my area many of us used the **John Gotti Dispute Resolution Service. **He was housed in Springfield, MO and had a perfect batting record in making whiny baby complaints go away.

We’re now looking for a replacement.


 Sorry  to  hear  of  his  passing.  We  hope  you  find  a  suitable  replacement.  Our  company  is  still  looking  here  in  Virginia.

You be bad sir !!!

Michael - Don’t take me literally / Do a Google Search for John Gotti to see who he was and what his occupation was.


  I've  just  learned  about  John  Gotti,  very  interesting  Biography. I  have  reviewed  your  website  a  couple  of  times  and  the  discussion  board.  I  respect  you.  Maybe  in  about  20  years,  I  may  be  somewhere  close  to  what  you've  done  with  being  an  Inspector.  I've  taken  every  ones  advice,  calmed  down  and  I'm  revising ...  pretty  much  everything  about  my  company.  My  hat  is  off  to  you.  God  bless  you, your  family,  your  business  and  your  customers,  and  of  course  everyone  from  InterNACHI.


Michael W. Altizer