Looking for a new camera

What’s your favorite camera? I’ve had a canon sx620hs and sx530hs. Like them both. Looking for something a little more rugged while maintaining a decent zoom (25x). Need wifi capability for the camera pole. I didn’t see any recent topics when I searchedso I thought I’d start another thread.

Welcome Paul and good question! Technology changes every year, so updates are good.

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Hi Paul. Welcome to InterNACHI and the members forum.

Any camera with solid resolution and high zoom. At the moment I am using DSC-H400 Compact Camera With 63x Optical Zoom but it has been discontinued.
Good luck with your endeavors.

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I just took a look at the Ferret. Anyone using it for roof inspecting? I like the fact that it’s water proof. Several of my coworkers use old cell phones. I am open to that, however, I don’t like how big the cell phone pics are storage wise. I can’t get them sized much less than 700kb. Where as my regular cameras are about 120-220kb.

I’ve been using Fuji 140 for years. Does every I need it to do.


Since investing in Drones (and licensing and training) I don’t use my camera pole often but there are times when a drone is not allowed, or there are other reasons it is not the right tool.

When I do need the camera pole I use a Go Pro. In most cases I’ll go for the GoPro Hero style camera and it has great stability built in, and is tuned specifically to get crisp shots while in motion. That means a fast shutter speed and great software to get a crisp image. Sometimes I need my GoPro Max camera, which looks in all directions at once. This is useful for roof pictures that are taken blind, meaning you don’t have to aim it right because it looks all directions.
The GoPro cameras are very light weight, and of course water-proof. They synch to any smartphone easily so you can import photos directly to your report. If desired, you can edit photos easily before placing them in your report, using the GoPro app or anything you prefer on your smartphone.

GoPro cameras are not designed to work well in dimly lit environments such as crawlspaces and attics.
When I use a GoPro on my home-made crawl space rover, I need to use expensive compacts lights so the images look good.


Paul I use and old Iphone 8 and also use photo gallery to resized my pictures before I put them in my reports. My Iphone works great with my bluetooth selfie stick.