New Cameras for extendable poles?

My last Canon camera would connect to my phone via Wifi and I’m looking for a replacement to use with my extendable pole. They don’t make that specific camera anymore. I was wondering if anyone could share what they use. (I don’t like walking roofs.)

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Any GoPro or knock-off with WiFi connection will probably work fine. They have the advantage of being water-tight or come with water-tight housing and come with a variety of mounting brackets and options. This is the one I use from HLS (Chinese). The user interface is clunky, but serviceable. The pictures are stored locally on the camera, but download to your phone afterwards at the press of a button, probably in less than a minute in most cases.

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This is the canon that I use. We’re at the 2 year anniversary now since I broke my previous one.

This is what I had and its production has been discontinued.

I’ll look into this. Seems clunkier. Thanks for the GoPro tip too.

Wow, what are the odds. I’ve tried a bunch of different cameras and none of them connected as easily as the cannon. Ugh, looks like I’ll be on the lookout for a new one too.

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Buy a drone if you aren’t going to walk roofs. It will work much better than a pole.

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Not necessarily. Perhaps in places like Florida, but in Minnesota with high winds, frigid winters 4+ months/year, and even extreme heat/humidity 2+ months/year… they’re not all cracked up (well maybe they literally are) to be what they purport to be. I know of very few inspectors in MN that own drones. There are a few Drone Services companies out there, but they only use the high dollar Professional stuff… (and they ain’t cheap!)… such as: Best Commercial & Professional Drones 2022 (New Guide)


You know one for sure. :person_raising_hand:
And yes, the wind is a PIA.

Like I said…

How often do you actually use it to it’s full capacity and your needs?

Number 1 complaint I hear, along with they don’t like the cold very much, but electronics usually don’t!

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I use it quite a bit actually. It really is a great tool in my opinion.
Here’s some pics from earlier this week.


What ya got from January/February last year??

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I have both and there are times when the pole is the best choice. I am fortunate to have many ladders, pole and drone with me at all times.


It tells me it doesn’t lol. When it is very cold the controller keeps beeping and telling me to bring down the drone. I have just kept flying with no repercussions so far, but I am very careful during that time to keep it near the edges as much as possible.

Here’s some from February. I don’t know how cold it was this day though. This one would have been impossible with just about any other tool in my opinion.


Well, there is solid ice on the drive…all I need to see. :smile:

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We have solid ice on the drive in November!
No/little snow or ice on the roof… must have been one of our “off” weeks last year!


Who’s that dufus down there?


What model of drone do you use Ryan? Those pictures look good.