Looking for a Ride Along in Florida

I guys, been off the forum for a while getting ready to launch my inspection business soon and I would greatly appreciate a ride a long and getting some insight from an experienced inspector in Florida. I live in Broward county (Ft. Lauderdale area) and will drive a decent amount for this experience. I promise to keep my mouth closed and carry the tools/get coffee afterwards. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi Jose.
I’m in Boca Raton. When I have something decent down your way in Pem Pines I’ll try to remember to give you a call.
Good luck to you! :cowboy_hat_face:

Jose, I know Roy Lewis has done them for inspectors. You could call him. He’s up in North FL. :smile:

Hi Marc,

I appreciate it very much, thank you for the support!

Hi Larry,

I’ll reach out to him, thanks for the info.