Looking for another test victim...

Obviously everyone can tell that I have been playing around with video’s. I just completed one for Paul Sabados for Accu-Pro Home Inspections and want to improve my skills. Once done I hope to offer these to the membership for inclusion on their websites, marketing, etc.

Who would like to be a test dummy. I’m also looking for some better quality pictures, especially of crawl spaces, etc.

More than likely I will ask that those that I make these videos for make a donation to the Foundation for Safer Housing. We’ll see.


Nice set-up but the pictures are too blurry.

Thanks Dave…

Did you notice my comment where I said that I needed “better quality pictures”… Do you have any?

I’ve got all sorts of pictures. What do you need?

You can also obtain hundreds of NACHI pics here.

:smiley: That’s where the pictures came from.

Looks nice John.

“If it’s part of the house, it gets inspected.” …could creat some misunderstandings.

“You know…you didn’t inspect my elevator, etc., etc.”

That’s why the good ole “Home Inspector Gods” made contracts. Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. would fit under your umbrella of reasoning, also. (In my opinion)

This is simple PR, Larry.

Want to be my next test victim?

Did you all know that Annie Nicole Smith bit the big one?

Hi John
If you send me a list of the different pictures you need ill dig through my old inspection pictures and send them to you. I have all my pictures from over 1000 inspections

I’m more interested in a test victim. Hopefully they will have their own pictures showing them in action doing an inspection of various systems.

The offer is great though, and I will probably take you guys up on it.

Who’s Anna Nicole Smith?

Hmmmm. No takers which must mean that you all believe it sucks…

So back to the drawing board and I’ll withdraw my requests.

Thanks, everyone.


What program are you using to design this presentation?

John, don’t be so quick to give up on us, some of us work for a living and don’t get to this board every day . . . RR has a document you can download the has several unique photos that might help . . . will look and see if I can find the link, it’s been awhile since I last saw it . . . plus I’ll see if I have any . . . be back soon


Just saw your post

Will look for some good ones for you — They will be large so will try to find your email address and send them to you

Might post same to save me some time


John . . . visit RRs website at http://www.abouthomes.info/ . . . go to Library (up at the top) . . . find NACHI and click and login . . . believe the password (see Members only area) and find the document 0251 and download.

Hope this helps . . . I’m looking thru some of mine . . . this may take awhile, hopefully others will post soon :slight_smile:

Michael, I believe Russel only published the password to his site in the “Member’s Only” section…you may consider removing it so non members don’t have access to his info.

Oops, thanks Larry . . . I sometimes forget where I’m at on this board. :frowning: