Looking for camera pole

I am looking for a telescoping pole, extendable to approximately 8’ that I can attach my Samsung Galaxy Note to with Bluetooth shutter button.
Can anyone steer me to where I could buy something like this? Mostly I’m finding selfie sticks that are too short, or very long (20-30 feet) camera poles.
Ken Will

Since you don’t have your profile location filled in, the only answer that applies if “the internet”.

Wally world sells a “monopod” that extends to 5’ and has a camera mount on the end. Comes in handy in attics sometimes. Also good for pushing smoke alarm test buttons on 10 o r 12’ ceilings. My Note 4 has a voice command option for taking photos, no Bluetooth needed. I also have another heavy duty selfie stick that will mount to the monopod which will get it to 8’.

A fiberglass painters roller extension pole?