Attic Camera

Does anyone recommend a pole camera mount to take attic pictures?

Seems like it would be a little cumbersome in the attic.

I agree, some attic access holes are small enough, then trying to maneuver around trusses, low ceiling… not sure but if you try it let us know.

I used a selfie stick and my Iphone last week in an attic. Could not see into one area so it came in handy. I do hate the flash and the pictures were not perfect but clear enough to see the leak and damage in the eave corner.

hardley worth the effort for inspecting. Now if you just need to shoot a hurricane strap that is a little different but normally if I can reach it with my pole I can shoot it from where I am.

Save yourself the trouble. Get a camera with a good zoom. I have never had a problem getting the picture. My camera has a 21 zoom on it

Yes I would just be using it for hurricane straps. Is there a certain one you are using?

You can buy the mount here and use it with a painters pole. Put your camera on video mode with flash and review the video for deficiencies.

I have an extra heavy duty selfie stick that works well, if it doesn’t reach I have a six foot extension i can add to it.

Here is a link

You can use it with a cell phone or take off the cell phone holder and mount a camera to it.

That’s pretty nice for $25

You didn’t get a ferret camera?

I buy cannons best portable available at the time and it always works great. Digital zoom is useless, go for optical zoom. on tough shoots shoot at highest file size then you can zoom into for detail on camera on site or on computer. low size pictures pixelate when you try to zoom. I tried Nikons best once and it would not focus properly in the attic trying to shoot straps. Never could fix problem with it even after replacement. Great camera just worthless in attics.

Top rated superzoom pocket camera for 6 years running now is the Panasonic Lumix series. They run about $260.00 and have a 25mm-250mm Leica (glass) Super Zoom Optical lens (305mm digital) and the best all around difficult lighting and environment software available. You can literally hang off off a truss web and single hand a clip shot from 30 feet away with no flashlight. We have dropped them into water and out of attic hatches and they keep going, tough, exceptional image stability, lightning fast focus and a flash that is worthy of large frame cameras all about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Have not seen anything that can outperform these cameras.

Trust me on this one - Darius knows!! :smiley:

Not every attic has visible free space between you and the truss connection. You need something to move it and sometimes the end of pole will work. So your logic is flawed with saving yourself the trouble stuff.

I didn’t say I didn’t use a stick to move insulation out of the way. But I think it’s a little nuts to have to put your camera on a pole. If I can see it I can get a picture of it with my camera

Again, not everything is in clear sight. I have used a camera pole with great success and recommend it to anyone who does insurance inspections in particular.

To each his own. But for $75 I would not be putting my life in jeopardy crawling through someone’s attic

So, on that single wrap strap that’s 15’ away, how do photograph the other side of the truss that’s not line of sight???