Digital Camera Pole Extension

Does anyone have a lead on a good 21 to 30 foot camera pole for digital cameras? I can use a WI FI Smart Camera with my Tablet

Such kool technology today

Been using my big 30 foot for over 4 years 100’s of times.

Been talking about it and showing pictures how to build the whole time.

Not rocket science.

Bob… got a link? I’ve been to Menards, and the longest they offer is 23 ft.

Just see them when shopping in the painting department.
Been raving about my technique for years dude.
Winter and snow could be any week now and I will still see the roof.

Contact and ask them to just sell you the pole only:

Non-conductive in case you touch a power line.

Yep mine is fiberglass.
Maybe they stopped selling 30 foot.
Yellow and black .

You’ll want it to be non-conductive.

Good frigging luck.

Consider a telescopic boat hook pole used for docking boats and handling lines.
You can use a paint brush holder and adapt it to hold most cameras.

This is an inexpensive alternative.

feel free to call me anytime to discuss or email me.

I am guessing you want to use it for wind mits???

30 foot is darn near impossible to handle in an attic.

contact me anytime to discuss and goodluck.

I am always hear with realistic and not break the bank advice for all.

Haven’t seen or tried one of these but they might work

Bob, I have never seen your bad boy camera pole…I want to make one…
How do you put it all together?


Here is another system:

Very Cool…Thanks


Hey Andy!

Picked one up myself at the convention… so far so good.

Thats where I saw it. I am going to order the kit without a pole because I already have a decent painters pole.

Nope your gona see the snow not the roof??

My choice still in my opinion works best

Just screw on a tripod.
Not hard to use a 50 cent coupling.

HD video with screen shots is easy.

“Not rocket science” for crying out loud.

Use it in some crawls as well if I cant get in.
Heck go out a window sometimes.

Charlie we are all proud of you fella for still climbing in what …youre 70’s but please do not call me a liar.
I have been posting shots here for years because I actually take pictures and put them in the report.
Damn I even actually go home and make sure I Didn’t miss anything…go figure.

It works very well, easy to assemble with some marine epoxy. It doesn’t include a threaded tip, I bought the adjustable angled tip I am going to have to modify it a bit since the length of each section is 7’ 7" it’s just a bit too tall to work with comfortably.
I’m still in the beginning stages of becoming and Inspector so I have only used it on 3 of the 4 mock inspections. I use it with my Lumix DMC-ZS30 which streams live video to my smartphone. I’m going to get a tablet to use with the camera because every damn time I get a message notification it interrupts the wifi connection to the camera(also my phone is a piece of crap). Like most of the systems of non-conductive material it’s not great on very windy days. I was talking to one of the companies (I think Wonderpole) who said beyond 26’ , in order to get stability in windier conditions, it needs to be made of metal. All of the people I spoke to said beyond 30’ it is suggested to use a counter weight of around 10lbs(ankle weights should do it). They don’t carry an adapter from the coarse painter pole thread to the fine thread of the camera. I bought one of those off ebay. I am considering a 360 degree tilting camera mount from polepixie but will wait till I get some more experience with this thing to see if necessary.
Hope the info was helpful.

I did not call anyone a liar but would you please expain how you see a snow covered roof with a pole camera;-)