Looking for some SEO (backlinks)

I am looking for a bit of SEO (backlinks) to my site, I have added a inspector partner site to be webpage. I need inspectors from around North america to send me their business name, contact info logo and web address. like mine below. Backlinks really help with Google rankings allot. I ask that is I add yours to my site you do the same. Send your info to william@hhinspection.net and I’ll get it right in. Trust me Backlinks is the best way to get higher ranking on Google. and this is free for us all.

my info

Handys’s home inspection

Springfield, MO


Posting here is a great way of getting referrals back to your website. One of the best things that we could do for each other as a community is to click on each other’s website’s. Thank you for everyone who clicked and those who are getting ready to click on my website.

Go ahead…I know you want to….


I did.
Now raise your prices! :laughing:


I know, it’s a touchy subject here. I unapologetically have a low starting price. It works for me and my market. Instead of raising my price, I raised the bar to qualify. A home must be within my local county, on a slab, under 2000 sq ft, and built this century. Beyond that, unless you cold called me recently, you don’t know my price structure.

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I was just joking a little. I don’t care too much what others charge, lol.

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Another good reason to visit other’s sites is to get ideas and if requested, to provide feedback. I am always eager for feedback if someone sees something on my site that they think could be better!

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I did…
But I would also add that it is not just clicking the link… You should also move around the site and different pages. Google knows if it is opened and then just closed again, which makes it seem like it wasnt what the client was looking for.

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Nice site! I can tell spectora designed it for you. They did mine as well. I need to start adding a blog or something, I havent done anything with it for 3 years.
I think the more activity and changes it gets, the better as well.

Yep. Spectora designed it. I have messed with it quite a bit since then. I can get around in Wordpress just enough to be dangerous, lol. For harder changes I send them in for Spectora to do.

I have no idea how to update anything. Thats why I havent done it… I would be scared to try

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Hello William, Please pm me I’m interested