Looking for supervision on inspections

Hello everyone,
I’ve been going through the courses here and am about 50% through the prerequisite courses for receiving an inspector’s license. In VA, I’m required to perform 25 inspections under the direct supervision of a certified inspector. What is the best way of finding someone to supervise me, and at what point should I look to begin performing those inspections?

No offense, but this question gets asked weekly for years.
I recommend you search the forum for the previous posts and answers.
If you still need advice after making an honest attempt at your own research, come back here, but I doubt the answers will be any different.

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We miss @lkage


100% . Every week without him here I realize more how much of a friend he is to so many of us.


VA is a big state. Where are you? A guy I mentored is now a full time inspector and doing great, living just 20 minutes over the TN/VA border off I-85. If you are in SW Virginia it would be a very short drive to get some inspections in with him.

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