New California Inspector

Hello fellow members. Let me start by saying that I am a PROUD member and newly certified.

With a 14 year construction background and 17 years as a technician supervisor with the City of San Diego, I’m excited to utilize my experience to becoming the best inspector I can be.

That being said, I have still soooooo much to learn and am trying to figure out the best formula for getting started. Even with everything InterNACHI has to offer, which is amazing. I still could use some experience advise. Also is there a San Diego member willing to mentor.

I would hugely appreciate any advice, direction, and help for getting started.

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Welcome to our forum, Brandon!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Welcome, I work out of Modesto in the Central Valley.

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Thank you scot. We are not too far off from each other. If I may ask you a question, what would be your recommendation to hitting the ground running and starting off on the right foot.

Even though I come with a background and knowledge that can be well applied as an Inspector I’m still a bit nervous.

Brandon Spurgeon

You need to be seen. I also came from a construction background, that will come into play later. You need to have your company presence setup across the web. With no more or very limited face to face or office visits, this is what is left. Become an affiliate with your local real estate chapters, join the FB groups. Plenty of things to do.

Thank you, I appreciate that great advice. Do you know of any mentoring programs out there?

Programs, no. You will find it is difficult to get locals to help you. Maybe a multi inspector company as a hire. I had to jump right in. I started this after a work truck accident left me with a broken back and many doubts about myself. I never gave up and still fight hard every day. I did not choose this field to work for others. You can do it.

Welcome, Happy Inspecting!!!


Thank you, I needed that advice. I’m recovering from double back surgery I had earlier this year which is why I chose to be an inspector.
I need to just jump right in as well and understand that there’s gonna be a lot to learn along the way. Thank you very much for your time Scot.
I wish you the best, God bless.

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For me it was L2 and L3. Buy a Krawlgear for the crawlspace part of the inspections. I use it on just about every one.

L5/S1 and C6/C6 for me.
I will definitely look onto one of those. Thank you.

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Here is one group that mentor from InterNACHI: And Mentors:

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Thank you Larry, I will definitely look into that.

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And, if you have no luck there,:

contact some CMIs or CPIs within 40 to 50 miles, or closer, to your area and communicate with them. Maybe one, or more, will help you. Some inspectors feel as though they are training their competition by ride-alongs or mentoring or hiring.

Here is the link for CMIs:

And the link for CPIs:

Also, you may want to take advantage of your Education Team at for specific questions e.g.

Mentoring is tough in the current environment. Right now with the COVID restrictions, just a ride-along is impossible.

The first question you must gain clarity on:
What is more important to you: Being an inspector or owning your own business? Neither one is right or wrong.

The best advice to give next really depends on your answer to the above.