Looking up permits

What type of websites do you use to look up any type of permits that were pulled on a house? The county sites where the house is located, is not offering any information.


Some counties do not offer this information online. You have to call them.

Your location is not in your profile so no one know where you are.

Send me the address.
I have a Build Fax unlimited account. They don’t offer it anymore.
Got grandfathered in.

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That’s the agents job as far as I’m concerned


Sorry about that, New to all this. Fort Walton Beach Florida.

206C Fourth St. SE, Unit 6
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

Thank you

Nothing shows up. They must be part of the 2% nationwide that do not let us in.
I had one 2 weeks ago in Boynton Beach where the listing stated the roof was replaced in 2012.
Turned out the roof was over 30 yrs old, never replaced. DEAD DEAL.

BuildFax searched its national database of building permits, and identified the following permit-issuing authorities for 206C 4TH ST SE FORT WALTON BEACH FL 32548:
City of Fort Walton Beach, Development Services
105 Miracle Strip Pkwy
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-6614
(850) 833-9605

Permit records searched between Sep 01, 1997 and Mar 08, 2021.
Okaloosa County, Growth Management
1804 Lewis Turner Blvd., Ste. 200
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
(850) 651-7180

Permit records searched between Jul 01, 1992 and May 31, 2022.

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Thank you for looking researching that for me.
If we ever meet, I owe you a beer!


If you want to verify a building permit you may also check with the city, county or even the state because the location, jurisdiction or type of construction can make a difference. Checking for building permits is not a required by the Standards of Practice.

I personally do not verify permits were pulled and completed, but if I find something during the inspection that is improperly constructed and or questionable, I would call it out and ask to verify that it was permitted and signed off.

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In my area I usually check the county or city building department website, if nothing comes up I give them a call a sometimes they find stuff in their archive. I keep phone numbers for all building department in my area. For some of them you have to established an account prior to be allow into their website.

In my area of the Florida Panhandle, It’s under the County Property Appraiser’s Website.

I pay $49/month, and I believe I can get 250 reports a month. Otherwise, its $5 each.

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