Permit records older than 12 years

I’m sure it’s different at each AHJ across Florida but I was advised by a local AHJ(Charlotte County to be exact) they are only required to keep 12 years of records for residential properties. So you are out of luck searching for a permit record on a roof installed in 1995 for example. Anyone else run into this, or was I fed some high quality BS? Thanks in advance.

Sounds like BS maybe in that area but I imagine all areas are different.

Here in Brevard county, I don’t have that problem. They have records that date back to 1990 and some of the smaller city’s and township go back farther than that.

I have a couple of ares that only have permits going back 5 years on the computer any thing older is a hard copy on file that they are reluctent to look for, on the other side I have some where everything is online

I’m not sure what the cut off was but on older permits in Citrus County all you can get is a permit #, address, what it was for and weather it was closed or not. Then again if your looking for permits during the time that we had the storms roll through your out of luck here as they suspended permitting on storm related repairs for 6 months.

Here in St Johns, the county has a website going back to the early 90’s, but for the beach and city records I have to call every time. The clerks are usually very willing to look up the information even if it dates back prior to 1990.