Looks bad for CAHPI BIG TIME

All wounds where self inflicted

This is not much difference on what went on
Remember Whistler
Bill has a big announcement coming soon
Many dollars spent with zero returns .

/30/2010 3:33:33 PM
Is CAHPI killing National Certification?](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=357)
Wayne Christopher
The NCA is officially dissolved as I understand it. Anyone waiting for their TIPR is unfortunately SOL and will be reimbursed their fees. What is happening with training providers, I can’t say cause I don’t know.
Participants with the Certificate Holder designation can use them with reference to the NCA ( I believe) until they expire…Mar. 2011. How CAHPI is going to “manage” the absorption of NCA is anyone’s guess. As far as I know the NCA board is now non-existant and since I was/am a board member I have heard nothing to the contrary.
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Is CAHPI killing National Certification?](http://www.oahi.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=357)
Claude Lawrenson
CAHPI has not only killed the NCP, it has lost respect of many of its stakeholders and certificate holders. I have received many emails and calls. But like Wayne the NCA has been neutralized.

This is nothing more than a move to support CAHPI provincials demands. So it basically provides evidence of CAHPI lack of impartiality when this edict was directed without input of the NCA, hence the elected members representing NCH’s.

Even the CMHC logo references have noticeably been removed from the websites.

4/30/2010 7:40:45 PM
Is CAHPI killing National Certification?
Bill Mullen
CMHC ordered CAHPI to take any reference to CMHC off their websites. CMHC will also be taking away any and all support it ever had for CAHPI and their publications and events. You don’t renege on contracts and pi$$ away a million bucks in taxpayer money for greedy reasons without consequences.

CMHC also has contractural rights to have hundreds of thousands of dollars returned if they wish. This could very well be the end of OAHI and everything CAHPI. The stupidity and greed at the top of OAHI and CAHPI is going to cost all of us big-time.

However folks, think ‘Phoenix’. It’s going to be okay for those who believe in an independent, pure National Certification Program.

Bill Mullen
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How embarrassing for CAHPI and OAHI members!

They from the start refused to give any information all PHPIO members where not allowed to post information .
The NCA/NCP might have been a great idea but they caused their own grief .
So sad to see so much work fail.

My favorite Bill Mullen quote:

I wonder what the BC government is going to do with their licences that only recognize credentials from associations that have disappeared. Since you have to have a licence to do home inspections and you can not get a licence if you are not certified by caphi, ncp and bcitt and these assoc have disintegrated.
Looks like the end of home inspectors in BC.

I hate to tell BC officials that “We told ya so” but we told them so. Those so-called associations were all one and the same… and corrupt.

Anyway, there is a new NCP coming.

***Anyway, there is a new NCP coming.

*** :shock:***

Not sure I undersand this entirely. The NCP is dissolving. Are you saying CAHPI and ASTTBC are dissolving as well?

All of the tech associations used to belong to the national association but ASET and some of the other provincial have severed ties with the national. I do not know why.

ASET new letter states
“As members will recall, ASET has joined Ontario, BC and Saskatchewan in withdrawing from membership in CCTT. A resolution to dissolve the CCTT corporation has been proposed, and ASET is working with the other provinces to establish a new corporation with a new (reduced) mandate. Details will follow. Respecting accreditation of college and technical institute programs and inter-provincial mobility, ASET has committed to ensuring that no program, student, or transferring member will be impacted by this process. Confident that the new form of national relationship will serve members better, we are working actively to put the new partnership into place before our withdrawal from CCTT takes effect in October.”

Vern, what does CCTT have to do with CAHPI?

Not sure Vern undersands this entirely either, Mark. The NCP is dissolving. That will not have a big or any noticeable impact on CAHPI-BC.

Nor will the dissolution of CCTT bother BCIPI. ASTTBC and it’s subsidiary BCIPI will survive long after its gone. All provincial engineering tech associations will survive without the national group, just like the CAHPI chapters are essentially run locally, not from the center.

Vern got a little giddy and fell into a daydream at hearing the NCP and CCTT news. Back to reality now, Vern!!!

Nick is right. There is change in the wind for all inspectors in Canada.

Brian ,the reality is the NCP, CAHPI, Phipo, OAHI and many more of these associations are just out for themselves ( and You told me this your self on the phone ) .
They are not for helping our industry ,they are all secret societies who only want members in their associations .
I know I and many others would join if these demigods changed their selfish attitudes and started to help all home Inspectors.
You continue to make fun of NICK and NACHI but give no ideas how we can improve our industry in Canada." A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."

Carry on Brian doing nothing

I feel I disseminate good information on the boards I participate on. I have some support for this on my profile section here:

"12/31/09](http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/brian-a-macneish/#vmessage835)* 3:21 PM *rcooke](http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/rcooke/)

We need More like Brian who tell it like it is ,
He also has the knowledge to go with his post,s Roy"

I am not really much of an organization type! They tend to move too slowly. When I was in the local CAHPI a few years ago, they knew my views…it’s way too easy to get in!! So this year, I believe, things get tightened up and CAHPI will be talking to government about legislation again.

If the HI field would get its act together, there may be no need for general legislation like BC where 2 or 3 groups are able to certify HI’s. We may be able to act professionally like the medical, law and engineering groups…be given the power to govern ourselves through an act of the legislature with minimal gov regulations…we would set those.

What are you talking about - ASTTBC is still going, CAHPIBC is still going, CANNachi is till going. There were only a dozen or so inspectors licenced through their NCP certification. If NCP is trully gone, they will just have to join one of the other three.

Because ASET is antiquated. The provinces that pulled out are looking at better options.

Oh, I think they found one. LOL!

and…? Fill us in please?

In the history of InterNACHI, I’ve never said this about anyplace else in the world… but here goes… It will be nearly impossible for non-members to be home inspectors in Canada.