Lost another one

Does anyone else have a problem with quoting against bottom feeders. How do you handle it. I lost one today, a 45,000 sqft Warehouse with offices to someone bidding 1300.00 . Really .03 cents a sqft. No wonder the gasped when she read my proposal for $4500.00

Move on and get the next one.
Did the scope of work demand $4500?

I thought it did, 2 guys and 1 roofing contractor. covered everything except ADA and fire suppression systems.

Unfortunately we will never get rid of the ones that are bargain price.
Just have to move on to another day.

Just curious… was ADA and Fire Suppression requested to be left out of the scope of the inspection? Those are two key components of most commercial inspections I perform.

Hi Jeffrey, yea they said they don’t want that. Just out of curiosity what would you get aprox. for 45000k whse, 3 roof HVAC units with office spaces.


What standard are you using for your commercial inspections? ASTM 2018-18 or NACHI-SoP?

I’ve used both and as of last year I permanently use ASTM now.

Most of my commercial inspections do not request ADA or fire suppression. Mostly buyers are just concerned with the major systems.

3 cents a sq ft for that building is a joke! You were close to what I’d charge. Depends on how much of if was warehouse and a few other factors.

Don’t let it get to you. Likely this buyer will get what he paid for. You can lead a horse to water but cant make them drink!

As Ray just indicated, more specific info is needed, but generically using your info above, and breaking down the 45k s/f to 40k warehouse and 5k office space… in the neighborhood of $5,000.00 depending on it’s location. (I am rural area, and fees people willing to pay are about 25% to 50% cheaper than in the large cities).

The lowballers would quote around $1200.00 to $1800.00. My quote to compete against the lowballers (if I really wanted the job) would be to modify the Scope and lower my fee to $3750.00.

Eric -

I’m in a cheapo’s market (Kansas City). They’re all concerned with how much can I get per/sf NOT the quality of the #*@&% whatever it is. ONE prime example is our code guys OK on fiberous 4x8 sheets of siding nailed staight to studs with no substrate … Just open wall cavities with insulation batts, etc.

I just did a 8,900sf retail showroom / office / warehouse … 4 HVAC’s rooftop. It was vacant … wide open $1,325. We shoot for right at $0.15psf for this type building. Slab / 60 years old / 2 mains (400a + 200a and 3-phase). Roof accessed with 17’ LG out at about 14’ on back of bldg / 3 baths.

Several guys will do that for $450-$550 / Local Judge buying it.