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First off, thanks for all your responses and help on the nachi board. It’s a life saver sometimes. I have a quick question. I do lots of wind mitigations for big commercial apartment complexes and one of my accounts has asked me if I can do a commercial replacement Value inspection. Now I have a guy I work with who has his FL commercial contractor license so we are good there, but what is it that citizens is asking for?

This is for tho apartment complexes, 14 buildings and 24 buildings, 500 units in all

The insurance carrries told my clients that you did NOT need to get the property appraised to renew their insurance, that now you could have an inspector due a PROPERTY REPLACEMENT VALUE INSPECTION.

So my question is: Anyone heard of this? is there a form to use? who is licensed to do this, Im not going to get involved but need to point them in the right direction, this account uses me for everything and I want to help them figure this out. Maybe even go contrat someone to do it for me so its done through my company and I keep the business.

Please help and thanks in advance

Sorry to re-post but could really use any info at all.


u need an appraiser and marshall swift calculator. we do those 305-759-4587

Insurance Value Appraisals

I use to do them but the cost of the software rental and the amount of work I could drum up did not make business sense for me. Not only that but the prices to perform them are driven so low, the amount of work you have to do did not make sense to me either. Typically companies also do: Capital reserve studies-Transition studies-condition assessments etc. Good Luck

I do lots of those, and the software is not cheap–if you want I’ll do it for you for $ 75.00 per building as a sub and I’ll deal with you directly (no client contact) keeps you in control of your client. You can make another
$ 50.00 per building on it for yourself, and see what the end product looks like. If you want after that; you can either keep using my services or knowing what it looks like do it yourself if it is cost effective for you.

Give me a call and we can speak more about it.


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