Lots of new HIP Mobile Tutorials Videos

Hi Guys,

I created a bunch of new, SHORT, Home Inspector Pro Mobile tutorials over the last week to help you guys take advantage of the latest tips and tricks. Check out https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrAXlRfWtWuMAeC3PE9Hv3MZm3btHHyNl to view them. If there’s something in particular you want a tutorial on, let me know! :mrgreen:

Thank you.

Any word on when the MAC update will finally be released?

Same question, I check everyday.

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We’ve had guys testing it for the last few weeks. I’ve sent out a final email to our testers to make sure there’s no remaining issues. If not, it’ll be released tomorrow. If you want it asap just shoot me an email.

Awesome, thanks.

I just downloaded the MAC update.

It’s not even been 30 seconds and I’m already in love.

LOL :mrgreen: You sure know how to make a software programmer blush, hahaha!

How do I get the MAC update?

By reading the thread .

Matt, log into our website with your account, click on User Menu=>Downloads.

No worries, I found plenty of things I was hoping would be updated that are not (yet). :wink:

Haha, that list will ALWAYS grow. We have gotten a ton of things done for HIP 5. I think I’m driving my programmers nuts now as I keep adding things in that have to be completed for HIP 5. They’re now telling me to go get it done myself! Guess I need to get back to doing more coding :mrgreen:

So you’re saying HIP 5.0 for Mac will be out next month? :mrgreen:

Mac and Windows should come out at the same time for HIP 5. A month is a possibility though it may be to the beta testing team then.