Love American Home Warranty

I would be more impressed with AHW if their inspector search returned something other than a database error. I have no idea how they are with the warranty business, but they aren’t very impressive with the website business.

I know a lot of very good inspectors that have crappy websites, so your point is?

I clicked on the link & this is what happened - great.



                     **Are you sure you want to go there?**

            may be risky to visit.
                     **Why were you redirected to this page?**
  • When we visited this site, we found it exhibited one or more risky behaviors.


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About a year ago, one of my clients asked me why I promoted AHW because he said he read a lot of bad reviews about their coverage.
That prompted me to remove the link to their site.

Linas, where are those reviews?

People get other crappy warranty companies confused with AHW.

That is one of the reasons I got rid of McAfee. It is not a dangerous site. I have never had a problem. That site had been there longer than most warranty sites. You can tell by the type of site it is.
AHW is like a transmission shop I know of. There are no painted shop floors and no fancy coffee in the waiting room, but they get the job done better than anybody.

Im curios, why would someone say they would never offer there clients a warranty yet when you go to their website they do indeed offer the warranties?