If you haven’t read through the “PROPOSED” SOP’s, I suggest you do.

I was just going through the “PROPOSED” SOP’s over the weekend. So much, in my opinion, is lacking and confusing.

As an example:

Under T: "A licensee shall inspect a property’s readily accessible components of the electrical system during a home inspection and report in the home inspection report the licensee’s findings related to all of the following:
(9) Ground fault circuit interrupters and arc fault interrupters.

THEN, Under U: A licensee is not required to inspect during a home inspection or report in a home inspection report any of the following as it relates to a property’ electrical system:
(8) Test ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) or arc fault interrupters (AFCI):

The SOP’s are not finalized, but I do believe this should be claried.


Bill, at this point I doubt they will make the July 1st deadline let alone finalize the SOP. I am betting it will be pushed out again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Joe, I have no doubt that it will be pushed back again.
I don’t think they will even have it going this year.

So much for us paying for a license that means nothing.

clearly a case of cart before the horse…It appears the state was more interested in increasing revnue without much thought on how they were going to handle the program…

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Yep, by the time they finalize everything, it will be time for us to renew our license!

Call Mike P. I’m sure he can get it straightened out. Or maybe more confusing.


It seems to me that the Ohio board would do well to adopt the SOP’s of the leading Home Inspector Associations in the nation. In my opinion, the state should let the inspector choose his SOP.

Is ASHI’s SOP much different. They have to be pretty damn similar.

If you compare ASHI or NACHI’s SOP to the proposed Ohio SOP, you will see how inadequate Ohio’s SOP’s are.
From not being required to describe a system or component of a home, to not being required to inspect items. These are the types of SOPs that allow a flood of new inspectors (I’m not against competition) and decrease fees.

Well said, Bill.