Low voltage transformers in attics

Are they allowed to be located in attics? What about under insulation? TIA.

I would recommend it be mounted out of the insulation and if possible in a junction box. Just have to mark what it is on the outside

If you are talking about doorbell transformers.They should be mounted in open air. Preferably outside a junction box. The attic is fine but a garage is better. Not under insulation. They do get hot and need a way to cool.

I agree with you both and thanks, but I’m looking for more specifics. Preferably from any sparkys out there. I’ve read that most manufacturers specifically prohibit attic installations.

Transformers are permitted in attic spaces as long as there is no prohibition from the manufacturer as part of its listing. In fact almost all attic mounted AC/Heating equipment has a control transformer in it.

I have never seen instructions included with the transformer.

Within the attic is where they are installed in Okla except for the few instances where some dummy installs them inside the electrical panel:shock::wink:

They are installed in furnaces, in A/C units, in hells kitchen and I have never seen a MFG instruction on where not to install them;-)