OK, here is a new one on me...

Can a distribution panel be located within an attic area?..Just never saw it before.

Sure, anywhere. Just not at the bottom of a pool :slight_smile:

It can if it is readily accessable. If you have to use a ladder and crawl through I would say no.

No there is a ladder, just never saw it before and could think of nothing stopping it, but jsut wanted to make sure.

Russ, by distribution you mean subpanel correct? The main breaker or disconnect is outside the home? If so, then I believe it is fine. I’ve seen them all over and under, even in crawl spaces. It wouldn’t be my choice for the location. Wanted to amend this by adding, it may need proper clearances as well.


I would have wondered the same thing.

Think you need a cat walk as well.

Readily accessible. Capable of being reached quickly without having to climb over or remove obstacles, or use of portable ladder

HOw would hot florida attics affect wire rating??

Even local authorities in Missouri would say having to climb up a ladder in an attic is not called readily accessible.

So you are saying panels and breakers in unconditioned attics would exceed the 60 or 75 degrees Celsius ratings they are designed for. :roll::wink:

Good caught Sean!

Sean is absolutely right. There may be “correction factors” that need to be applied depending on the measured ambient temperature inside the attic.


Most should be covered in 110.26… 30"x36" wide and 6.5’ tall, except that existing dwellings can be lower than the height if less than 200amp.

The time I ran into it, there wasn’t a requirement for anything except illumination, catwalk (no storage).

When in doubt, check with AHJ…

I once found one in the shower. Really. If I could find the picture I would post it. The buyer was Ok with it too. I was amazed.