My New DDN Rates

I sent them this email this morning-
Anyone else want to do the same?

Effective June 15th:
**Please note that, due to increased operating costs, All DDN inspections within **
0-24.9 miles will be billed at $60.00
25- 49.9 miles will be billed at $90.00
50-75 miles will be billed at @120.00

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email.

Thank You!

Russ ,

Just to warn you about raising your rates with DDN. I was one of two inspectors for my area and when Katrina hit I had to raise my rates because gas was becoming a problem. Most of my inspections were outside of the 25mile limit.

Everything was fine. . . until they get one person new who will do it for their minimum in your area. I not only lost any new assignments, I had ALL my accounts pulled ( a total of over 15 ongoing inspections) and reassigned to the new person. I was not willing to lower my price because my price was fair for me to do business.

I called them and asked why. They gave me some reason for pulling my accounts that did not add up . I get e-mailed in the morning and turn them around in less than 4 hours from receipt of the e-mail. My ratings were 0 or 1 for days turn around. An excellent rate, admitted by them.

But to them it was bottom line. Money talks.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that they may or may not respond adversely to your request if they can come up with a new inspector willing to do it for less.

And the ongoing problem in this industry is, there is always someone willing to do it for less…:roll:

That’s ANY industry.

I rec’d a response, they “have noted their records accordingly.”

Of course, with only 1-2 every 6 weeks or so at $45, it would be no real loss.

Hi Russ
I sent them almost the same letter about 3 years ago. They payed me what was already billed out and i havent heard from them since.

Hey, Hank!

Like I said, no loss with today’s fuel & insurance prices.