Lowest Infrared Camera Prices in North America

Lowest Infrared Camera Prices in North America.

That is what my students tell me about our camera
discounts. It makes the cost of our IR class free,
with money left over many times. Not to mention
the $100 you get off your InterNACHI renewal fee.
It’s a no brainer.
Learn more about our student discounts on IR cameras HERE

$80 Discount on our infrared class HERE](http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/251993290058?)

How to attend our infrared class?

  • Option one… live webinar
  • Option two… recorded podcast
    Plus you get 300 pages of class material (pdf)

I have been invited to teach at the upcoming InterNACHI
webinar for home inspectors on July 14th. See you there.

If you need a quote on a camera, contact me. I am not
allowed to quote prices on public forums.

John McKenna

Hi John, your ebay link isn’t working properly.


I fixed it. Try it now. Thanks for the heads up.

I just got a deal with my camera rep and we get even lower prices than before. I think he hates me sometimes… LOL

I just got the new price list a few minutes ago.

John, how do I get pricing info…


Email me at <john@infrared-certified.com>

John, InterNACHI members in Montreal can call PROMO INSTRUMENTS.
English: http://www.primoinc.com/en/home
French: http://service.primoinc.com/fr/
Say the are InterNACHI member and mention my company and personal name.
I have been advertising PROMO INSTRUMENTS discounts for InterNACHI member in and surrounding Montreal for years.

If you wish a mentor or some shadow time, join MIPGC.
Visit the classified page.

If members have things to sell or want, email me.

Best regards John.

I don’t sell IR cameras, but find good deals for my students. Our prices are way lower for our US and Canadian students. Even after factoring in discounts for members, currency and taxes, our prices are lower by far. I have never seen lower prices. Just saying.



The MR160 has very poor resolution for finding moisture.
It’s only 80x60

Never said you did John.
Don’t say the lowest though.

Just stating the facts. Our IR camera prices are lower for our students.

Always good getting a discount.

Our students have been buying IR cameras as a group for so many years that we are treated as a wholesale buyers group and given discount prices not available to others.