Luck Of The Irish

I arrived for my only inspection for the day on a beautiful sunny morning on St Patrick’s day in Pacific Beach CA a few blocks from the ocean. Homeowner shows me around, not bad, renovation work going on 1,400 sq ft with a crawl. Then he say’s “I’d like you to inspect the apartment first” I had no clue about the 2,000 sq ft 2 story apartment in the back. Called the client, forgot to mention the apartment, she said. I more than doubled my money for the day and saw a lot of beautiful ladies walking around. Black and Tans will be extra tasty tonight!


And a $1000 dollars later I bet she remembers :smiley:

I am glad you had a good day!


Thanks! I hope you did too! Bringing in the green on the day everyone is wearing green.

I like that.

Yes, I had a last minute second inspection added on a beautiful 60 degree day. No complaints!


It’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Time to go downtown to have your butt painted green!

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Isn’t this the best? I love the way all these other buildings are so appealing to the buyer but they forget to mention them when scheduling (and the agents are even worse). I’ve shown up numerous times to properties only to find outbuildings and entire other residential dwellings. I’m glad it worked out for you and your schedule. I’m often much crankier about the whole thing.