Luxaire Furnace- Horizontal Installation?

Can this Luxaire furnace be installed horizontally?

Natural Gas Unit

Model#- 69T060120HB130
Serial#- WHMM039842

It is installed in a small crawl space under a house.


My recent Rheem replacement could be upflow or horizontal so…if it says so in the installation instructions it can…why do you ask?

Is it operating as it should? Remind them to change the filter regularly.

There are no installation instructions at the home.

Was there something in particular that made you concerned with the installation?

If it’s installed horiziontally and everything appears to be fine, what’s the problem?

We get very few horizontal installations in this area. The furnace is not hung but is sitting on concrete blocks. It looked kind of strange with a PVC intake entering through what would be the bottom if mounted vertically.

Sounds fine…there were holes all around for combustion air entry on some I’ve seen…keep it up off the ground at least three inches…and, I must say, it looks like an exceptional installation from what I can see.:smiley:


Thanks, Charley, always willing to help. :smiley: