Made Few Changes

Anything not clear to you guys regarding my inspection site? Please take a look. I appreciate the feedback.

Looks good, I like the part where u say I don’t wear fancy pants lol

lol Thanks Jason. I never understood people who advertise on websites or showed up to a home inspection in dress clothes. You need to show up looking like your ready to build something. Make them feel like you’re ready to get to work and get dirty!

Which guy would impress you more ?

A)One shows up wearing dirty jeans and gets in the crawl.
B)One shows up wearing a fresh new white polo shirt and gets in the crawl.

Bob you missed my point. Of course show up clean. Just don’t show up dressed like you’re going to the office afterwards. Jeans/Polo/proper boots is what one should wear just my two cents.

Definitely just your opinion as I would never feel professional wearing jeans.
The only boots I own are Snow boots.

Cargo pants are almost needed (prerequisite) unless you go around with a full tool belt losing tools all over the place.

Hard to take off boots on nice carpet any booties are slip hazards unless you mean Cowboy boots but not many Cowboys up north.

Cargo pants are fine to but I wouldn’t wear tennis shoes any more use to until I almost slipped down a roof. Just don’t wear cargo’s that look like dress pants. Almost every contractor I see around here such as Lateral, Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers ect shows up in jeans it’s very acceptable as long as they are presentable. In my opinion we are looked at by clients very much similar to a professional contractor.

Never said anything about Sneakers (wear rugged slip ons) and I am not their to build anything nor would I wear Farmers bibs.

I am a professional not a contractor and that is the difference.

I am the guy who orders the Contractors not the damn push broom guy.

Show up like a Jean wearing contractor and you might as well charge low prices to go with the Kmart outfit.

You wanna get paid paid what your worth then dress like your off Food Stamps.