Magic Chef furnace age/efficiency & upgrade advice needed

Hi, I’m a first time homeowner. I bought my bit of paradise on a pond in NH. I have a PROPANE fueled, hot air system from Magic Chef. Serial #19160CAB. Other info - model #155-150-1. Input 150K, Bonnet 120K. (whatever those are…lol) Can anyone tell me the year, and the efficiency of this unit? I’m less than happy with it’s performance and am considering a replacement in the spring. On the pond, there isn’t an option for natural gas (my favorite). I’m considering Oil with a new furnace 90-95% instead of propane. My little knowledge is oil burns at 140K BTU/gallon, propane at 93K BTU/gallon…that Any & ALL advice is appreciated. btw, I love this thing call the internet, being able to reach out and find great tips/advice from those that know more than me. :slight_smile:

I believe it is March of 1980, have you thought about GEO thermal? Approximately 80% efficient.

Are you sure about the serial number? Usually Magic Chef has 9 digits in their serial numbers.
A little more info about the home, age and appearance or condition of the unit, might be helpful.
Based on the input/output info, the unit would be 80% efficient (that’s when the system was new and performing at optimum levels). Usually when a system begins to get some age on it and routine maintenance is not performed, efficiency levels tend to drop.
Personally, I would think or consider carefully before installing an oil system. This will require either an above ground or underground tank (possibly a tank in a basement). Also oil systems must have annual maintenance performed by someone familiar with oil systems. In my experience, oil fired systems require more maintenance than other types of systems.
Any newer system, whether it be oil or propane fired, will undoubtedly be more energy efficient.
By the way, did you get the home inspected when you bought it? It might be a good idea.

For efficiency, David, your best bet is to take two steps. First, have a certified energy auditor perform a n audit to determine the entire home as one system. Then, take his recommendations for the type of system that would be most energy efficient for the home…and have a licensed HVAC tech perform a Manual J calculation to determine the proper sizing.

Any action recommended or taken in advance of these two important steps is nothing but someone’s guess.

With the prices of # 2 oil and propane being where they are and will probably never be low again. One might seriously consider a duel fuel heat pump and or a geothermal in the long run they have become very competitive

From my experience you would best to look at every type of system and do your cost calculations . In your area an air to air heat pump and gas for back up would be a good consideration .

Hi Jamie. Sorry for the delay but I’ve been dealing with some 22"+ of snow here in NH. Going back into the basement, the serial # has an A in the beginning. So serial # on my antique-ish Magic Chef furnace is A 19160CAB. Do you or anyone have any idea how old or inefficient this thing is?
Again folks, I’m thankful for any and all advice as I attempt making my spot on the pond more efficient.
Best,-- David

I have magic chef furnace and ac. model number g6a125dc13-14. i am looking to see how many seer is it?


It appears that you gave us the model number for the furnace. What we need in order to tell you the seer

would be a photo of the outdoor condensing unit data plate.