Magic Chef

Hi Everyone!

I recently encountered 2 identical Magic Chef forced air systems manufactured in early 1980’s. The furnices and AC functions are working and regular maintanance was done twice a year, but the client wanted to know what they should expect with a system like this one. My answer was "expect anything;-) ". Has anyone had any experience with old Magic Chefs?

They can expect that it is past its expected life .
That is something though,as I had no idea they used that brand name on furnaces.

Magic Chef is a very good brand in my part of the country. I find lots of them. The brand was originally Johnson Air-Ease, changing to Magic Chef around 1984 under Armstrong ownership until 1989, when Lennox bought the brand name.

Glad I kept my trap shut then,because the kitchen appliances under that name are lower end.

I don’t know why I have conflicting information…

Johnson became part of Magic Chef in 1972. In 1986, Magic Chef was acquired by the Maytag Co. The Air conditioning division was sold to Lennox in 1988 and renamed Armstrong Air.