Magic Chef

A little help. I looked at some other post and haven’t felt 100% yet.
Model number G65-105-30
Serial # A 30124H98
Thanks !!!

Hey, Andy.

That’s almost a good serial number for Magic Chef/Armstrong/Johnson Aire-Ease, but the last two digits aren’t making sense. The serial number should be one letter, five numbers, three letters. Any change that the 98 is, say, BB? If so, then it would be February 1981. If you are adamant about keeping the 98, then I’m no help (LOL) but perhaps someone with a Preston’s Guide will stop by and tell us when the G65 model was being made.

My PRESTONS’S says, 1978 - 1980

If that’s the case, then I’m going to say that the “98” is actually a “BB” which would make it February 1981.