Magnetrip Panel

Todays panel is a Magnetrip with Zinsco breakers.
House was built in 1940. Beside all the double tapping, can anyone fill me in with more comments on this mess.
I already told her to change the whole thing, but have not sent my report yet.
Entire home is 2 prong outlets

Magnatrip was made by Zinsco. These have copper busbars, which are less prone to the problems with the AL bus bars.

Obvious overheating of the one neutral wires in photo # 5. Many of the neutral wires in the same photo appear discolored and the inside of the enclosure looks burned.

Also one more picture.
All these ground wires are clamped onto the painted surface of the panel.
Is this OK? Does not look right to me!

Certainly does.

Certainly does what? Look right or wrong?


And… wrong.

I know it is burnt and scorched but my questions is on the ground wires attached to a painted surface??

It appears that someone was trying to upgrade the panel, to have ground wires for various components in the house, it would be better for the electrician to have installed a bus bar at the bottom of the panel, to which all the grounds should have been attached, as in all cases like this, (when in doubt have the client call in the professional) refer it off to a licensed electrician.

I did do that, Thanks