Main and branch both 200amp breakers

It looks like there is an aluminum conductor at the terminal bar at the left side of the service panel and I think I see it running back to the conduit at the bottom right. If it is a 4 conductor wire then that part is OK.

It’s possible the GEC is attached at the meter, Would it then be OK with just a bonding screw at the neutral?

Yes that is possible, the GEC can connect to the neutral at any point ahead of the service disconnect including in the meter enclosure. Some utilities do not permit the connection in the meter. The two utilities around here do not allow it so we never see the connection in the meter.

David said that the bare Al conductor is the GEC and that lands on the neutral bus then it’s good. He was there and we’re just looking at a photo. I was just wondering where the bare aluminum EGC for the feeder cable was.

There are still several other issues like the copper GEC landing on the EGC bus on the right. Also the issue of the 100 amp CB for the 90 amp feeder conductors.

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