Main Beam issue

I found this on a 3 year old “cookie” home here in PA. I am just not sure how to write it up. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

truly fugly use of a jack post…jmo…jim

Improper / Inadequate attachment of the Main Beam to Support Column. Structural Review and Repair needed…

I am sorry I should have stated that I did recommend further review, I guess I just wanted a softer way to put it.
It’s been very long day.

Don’t think of it as softening it, just call it like it is.

Michael; I guess I would have an issue here.

The steel beam supporting the floor joist appears to have been cut with an acetelyn torch and the orientation of the cap plate of the support column is not in the symetrical engineered location it should be and bolted properly.

This indicates a system that might possibly have been unengineered and should be evaluated by a structural engineer or a prominant General Contractor to access and address.

My next issue would have been with the glue factory used on the stairs, what was that about?

What are those orange pipes on the right that appear to go through a member of the framing?

I know, I ask to many questions right?

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

I saw that too and looked close. It makes no sense to me. Anyone else?



This is Pennsylvania…

Home of the Unlicensed, Untrained, Uninsured Building Contractors of Pennsylvania.

UUUBCPA for short.

It is due to these Poor “Code Compliant” Construction practices that Home Inspectors need to be Licensed and Insured for… (as current legislation suggests)…

Hi Marcel!

Those stairs look site built to me. Routed stringers with additional support added by glue block. That glue looks like PL400 or PL premium layed on with a drip stick!

The end of the beam does appear to be torched, usually the builder hides the ends quite well. I was luck to see this one.

The yellow pipes are the gas supply lines from a manifold in the utility room. Cutting into the joist like that helps it structual integrity a bit as well. UUBCPA

That is what I deal with here near Pittsburgh on a lot of new homes.

The stairs are caked with glue to avoid squeaks, aleast that is what the builder tells the client. :shock:

Thank you all for the response. I guess I was looking for a more eloquant way, not so much softer way to write it in the report.

Is that a UC410 (concealed flange 4x10 beam hanger) attached to the joist whose structural integrity has been severly compromised by the gas pipe holes??? I wonder if a point load that large could be adequately born even by a joist that hasn’t been made into Swiss cheese.

The post and beam are ugly. The post is off center and not properly attached to the beam (that I can see). State it simply and concicely, and recommend further review/correction. No emotion, just the facts and a recommendation.

I don’t see a problem with the stairs. The builder is right about the glue stopping the squeaks.

Are those pipes to the right CSST and are you all still calling out them out for proper grounding?

I don’t believe that plastic gas lines add to the structural integrity of the joist, but I could be wrong. Of course, there isn’t much joist left is there.