Main Beam Support

Temporay Screw Jacks.

…not fastened, secured or supported by footings…

Need to keep the handle in place as the base of the jack is pushing thru the slab…

Looks like it’s been there for a while, too, judging from the rust on the foot. And what does all that tell us about the slab?

Concentrated load at base of column requires a properly sized footing. The floor slab alone is probably insufficient, as evidenced by the base plate pushing through the slab. Coumns need to be mechanically fastened to beam and footing.

Nice carrying beam…Along with all the other defects, the bearing ends aren’t even situated into pockets.

At least it has support posts. This main carrying beam (below) is being held in place with strapping secured to a floor joist. No support post whatsoever.

“Click to Enlarge”


Any chance that “beam” isn’t bearing but instead being used to stiffen the floor for ceramic tile or stone installation? It looks poorly done in either case.

Trust me when I State “Bearing beam”. This was a replacement for a Termite damaged beam. The contractors didn’t clean up very good as I viewed pieces of the old infested beam pieces throughout the floor below.

Besides that, I don’t even care if it’s a carrying beam or not. You don’t strap a beam to the floor joists above.


Polish support beam:D

Well I certainly can’t disagree with that.:slight_smile:

Looks like a job by “Fly By Night Construction Specialists”

Can we all sing the Mousecateer Construction Comapny’s theme song…

Let’s go with a sample of a newer version…


Beam supporting joists supporting beam…**why **didn’t I think of that?

Design Professional required in Pennsylvania to evaluate this system.

Structural Engineer or Architect required to evaluate loads, footings, column connections, girder sizes, spans, etc…

Thanks Dave. As soon as I heard that one I was in stitches. I guess I’m *dating

Dave, that’s like attaching a rim joist of a deck to a house and using only nail to hold it up instead of lag bolts!

No, it’s far worse. It’s more like bolting a rim joist of a deck to the deck!

Does anybody got a pair of tin snips? I’m dying to see what happens when I cut the strap.