No main service panel disconnect in multi-unit condos

I’ve run into this twice now in a mult-unit condo. The service panel does not have a main disconnect. This seems to be normal but not sure if I should note anything in a inspection report. At this same inspection there was multiple gas meters on one end of the building and the electrical service on the opposite side of the building. No bonding wire was present at the gas meters. Should this be called out?

Was the panel wired as a sub-panel?

Do you have pictures of the panel you can post?

Was it CSST gas pipe or black pipe. Black pipe does not require additional bonding. The service disconnect is likely at the electric meter.

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Black pipe. Thanks for the quick response and help. Really appreciate it.

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The distribution panel does not have a disconnect making it a remote/sub/auxiliary panel.
The service disconnect is upstream. Typically/usually/normally, but not always, next to or on on the metering equipment cabinet. Might be a safety switch depending on the age of the building/equipment.

Yes, that is typical of condos.


Thanks I appreciate the help

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