Main Electrical Panel says: Radon fan in the crawlspace..need help

Home was built in 1927, southern calif.
Raised foundation - crawlspace
Home looks good and has been maintained.

Main panel says: Radon fan in crawlspace.

I got pic of some type of device in the crawlspace…

Is this device a Radon fan?

What is the write up…for a situation like this?


Its hard to see details from that one picture but it looks like a handyman’s attempt to install a radon mitigation system. I’d try to find out who installed it, and when? Any information you can get. Big thing I noticed it is missing the vapor barrier which is a very important part of a crawlspace mitigation system. Personally, I think I would recommend a retest(because obviously it had high radon prior to the install) and the reason being is because: there appears to be a Radon “like” mitigation system present, however the system appears to be “handyman” installed which brings into question the functionality of the system itself. If the test results still come back acceptable it is up to them if they want to leave it that way or have a proper mitigation system installed, but I’d still call it out either way.

Don’t wast time playing investigator.

It’s old.

It’s not right.

When was the last time the house was tested for Radon levels?

Write up what you see and move on.

Yes, I agree… at this point I wouldn’t waste time trying to investigate, I was speaking in terms if you were still onsite. If I see something like this, the first thing I do(if the seller is present) is try and find out some information on it. Takes only a few minutes.

Thanks everyone…this gives me enough info to write it up.