Main Electrical Panel

Please help identify the type of Panel attached in the photo. Is this is type uses fuses? How does the disconnect work? What is the name of this type of Panels?

Santhosh Chemban
Tristate Home Inspection
New York

Sorry I expect there could be pull fuses There .
I expect this is OLD and obsolete .
How old is the home does it have Knob and tube . More info would help establish the age …
I see ITE when I blow the picture Up.

The House is built in 1960. Wiring method is non-metallic wires. All branch circuits have regular breakers. Please see attached photos. Thanks

By the instructions on the red label, looks like an early panel with some breakers being used. I have seen some mixed panels up here with breaker main disconnects and fuses as circuit protection.

I’m wondering if the main disconnect may actually be a fused pull-out similar to what we see in older fuse panels for electric dryers/stoves.

Walker Electric panel, with a fuse-block disconnect.

Thank you all for your help. I am proud to be part of InterNACHI.

Ah come on Jeff, you can not just read the label!!:roll:

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You must have posted the extra info just seconds before my post.

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I won’t speak for the single and two pole CB’s, but according to the label those twin CB’s are a violation of the panel listing.