Main lug panel in barn

I’m installing a surface mounted main lug panel in our barn, feed is from main panel in the house. The surface in the tack room where the panel will mount is tongue-and-groove pine. What material should I mount the panel to - plywood? a piece of type X drywall attached to the wall? Does the material need to be fire rated?

If your barn is a detached structure and you have more than 6 breakers then you will need a disconnecting means for the panel. This can be a main circuit breaker within the panel. If you use a MLO (main lug only) panel you will need an additional disconnect. You can mount the panel on the wood if you choose. You will also need a GES (grounding electrode system) at the detached structure.

Also remember that the panel enclosure you will be installing is subject to the requirement to be “Suitable for use as Service Equipment” and in many cases the manufacturer notes within the panel will inform you in how to comply with this.[225.36]

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Thanks. The barn is detached, MLO panel at the barn is fed from a breaker in the service panel at the house through underground conduit, 4 conductors XHHW. Neutral and ground will be isolated at subpanel, grounding system will be installed at barn subpanel. I was curious if there was any requirement that a panelboard be mounted to a fire-resistant surface, since I have seen most of them mounted to ordinary plywood or OSB. I’m not mounting to concrete, so no worries about wood/concrete contact.

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I guess I wasn’t aware that this was considered ‘service equipment’, since it would be wired as a feeder from the main panel in the house. I think most MLO panels have some kind of disclaimer about ‘suitable for use as service equipment … only if not used as LA&BCP’, which of course in an outbuilding it would be. So, my options would be to install a panel with a main breaker, or install a MLO with a separate disconnect located next to the subpanel? I thought I read something about a 2008 NEC change that removed distinctions between power and lighting subpanels, does this have any effect on this application? Thanks for the help.

The MLO might be a problem, the mounting to wood isn’t.