Main Panel in Bathroom

Found the Main Panel in the bathroom of a condo that I inspected the other day. Recommended that the panel’s location and acceptability be fully evaluated by a qualified electrical contractor, due to the susceptibility of steam and moisture found in most bathrooms, even though, no doubt, that whoever built these homes, probably located the panel in the same location of each of these homes, and if I’m right, they were probably already inspected and passed by the building inspector. I did pull the cover, and found no detriments, but in my earliest days as a home inspector, it was pointed out to me that the Main Panel should never be located in a bathroom. Any comments on this subject will be greatly welcomed…

Ed — Why did you not simply recommend that the panel be relocated from the bathroom by a qualified electrical contractor? I don’t understand the doubt or need for it being “fully evaluated”.

Good call ,I would not have used the word recommended .
instead ( immediate evaluation by )

It’s unlikely that this is a “main” panel, much more likely to be a “sub” panel. However, that makes no difference with regard to its location.

There are instances where a “variance” for the building permit was obtained for this type of installation, which is possibly the case with this building.

“Evaluation” is unnecessary. At a minimum, you should recommend relocation, and you might add something like “pending verification of the variance for the building permit.”

I find a couple of main panels in bathrooms per year, where a bathroom is added after the home was built. Relocating the main panel was just not included in the remodeling project.

I think using the word recommendation is not strong enough ,Many will not take that as Being needed to be done .
My post ( immediate evaluation by ) To me has transferred this concern to a Home owner and to the person who they get to evaluate the installation and away from me .

The unfortunate fact is that it may not “need” to be done, and all we can do is “recommend,” we do not have the authority to “require.” If the AHJ has already approved it, it’s unlikely it will be changed regardless of how strong our suggestion may be.

Understood, but the OP referenced a “condo.” In this instance, I doubt this is the service equipment.

Jeff is probably correct. In any condos around here the service or main disconnect is outside on the side of the building. Sub panels are what are found here in condos. But I have never found one in a bathroom in a condo. Found a Federal Pacific once in a 1960 house bathroom, which of course originally was not a bathroom, it was a storage room that had been remodeled. The panel was right next to the toilet. :shock:

Thank you for all of your comments! In fact, the panel I found was the main panel, not a sub-panel, and as earlier mentioned, I used the word recommend because we are talking about several buildings full of condo’s, all more than likely with the main panel installed in all the bathrooms. It seemed pretty apparent to me that the contractor had done this, and that these homes had indeed been inspected during construction by the local building inspectors office. I chose to recommend a full evaluation of the panel because I wasn’t sure if the moisture being generated by things like a hot shower over a 21 year span had possibly created any hidden damage. Just recommending its relocation I didn’t think covered that gray area. I in fact explained in my report that this practice was not normally proper, and that it should be inspected by an electrical contractor for its acceptability. I put it in my Summary, and I do believe I made my point.

Where was the meter in relation to this panel?

In the Bathroom, sign on the door says knock before reading Meter.

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The main is in the bathroom because the electrician wanted to ensure that …

… (are you ready?) …

… the face of the panel and the face of the drywall would be flush.


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The meter was behind the building and the bathroom sits above on the 3rd floor.

The service disconnect was near the meter I assume?

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I just did a house from the early 1970’s and found the main panel, water heater, and air handler all inside of the hall bath. It was a 1/2 bath actually with no tub or shower. A very cramped space.

No, it was in the BATHROOM…!!! :lol:

The main panel (aka) Service Equipment, was in the Bathroom, can’t you read?----:lol: