Panel in Bathroom

easy access from the shower…


How old is the house?

Home is 30 years old.

Both Panel and Bathroom are New (2007) Installations.

Wonder what else they screwed up on this homeowner remodel.

I smell a pissed off seller!:mrgreen:

Joe - You’re so picky. I’ve found 2 like that this year, only mine are both in the shower behind a removeable panel. Cool - you can wash your breakers to your hearts content and have the cleanest circuits in the neighborhood.

Un-freaking-believable! Got any pictures of that install?

guess they dont believe in permits in PA either

yeah…those electricians in PA will do anything…theheheh…:wink:

Gives a new meaning to sparkling clean!

I was once called out to take a look at a “funny looking electrical box” that was located in the shower wall. The GC (hack) who discovered it left the wooden cover open so I can see it. To make matters worse, he had to remove the shower rod in order to remove the cover- so he just stuck the into the panel so the owner could use the shower in the meantime. Turned out to be a 240 v fusible link panel with copious live parts. I just about crapped myself when I learned the occupant had used the shower this way while waiting the two days for me to arrive. I put the cover back on and begged him to hire another contractor!

OK - I understand the inherent concerns, but is this a specific code violation, or is there a specific authority to quote for labelling this an improper installation?

I am not a code expert, so forgive me for not knowing current code, but so far as I know, only enclosure in a closet, or lacking minimum access requirements are the onlty restrictions on panel locations.

Just would like to know so I can inform clients properly (should I ever happen across such a problem).

For dwelling units:

240.24 Location in or on Premises.
(E) Not Located in Bathrooms. In dwelling units and
guest rooms of hotels and motels, overcurrent devices,
other than supplementary overcurrent protection, shall not
be located in bathrooms as defined in Article 100.

For mobile homes:

550.11 Disconnecting Means and Branch-Circuit Protective
***(A) Disconnecting Means ***(really long boring part omitted for clarity)…The distribution panelboard shall be located in an accessible location but shall not be located in a bathroom or a clothes closet…

See also Figure E3305.1 footnote “d” of the International Residential Code 2003-2006:

Section E3305 and FigureE3305.1 deal specifically with all working space and clearance requirements and restrictions regarding the location of panelboards and other similar equipment.

Anybody know this guy? :mrgreen:

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I don’t need your permission. Not only are you touchy, but you’re a crybaby.

I forgive you…

Looks like a nice house.

Is it one of yours?